Onoranze Funebri Giasi

complete Funeral arrangement services in matera and the province

For over seventy years now, Onoranze Funebri Giasi has been providing funeral services. We handle every situation with the utmost respect and delicacy, aware of the pain that the loss of a loved one involves. Thanks to ten years of quality experience, we now offer complete and timely services on all aspects, technical and legal, related to a funeral.

I nostri servizi

Our Services

We offer complete 360 ​​° services for the organization and management of a funeral

What to do in the case of the death of a loved one

Cosa fare in caso di decesso

Here's what to do when your partner dies, either at home or in a clinic

Regolamento di polizia mortuaria Regione Basilicata

Police regulations in the case of death for the province of Basilicata

Here's how to behave when death occurs in a public place or for violent death

the place where you say goobye

We set up burning chambers and places where funerals and funeral rituals will be performed using elegant and respectful decorations

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