what to do when someone dies


informazioni funerale Onoranze Funebri Giasi

When a close relative dies, there are some administrative procedures that must be followed, and which vary according to the circumstances and the place of death. If death occurs at home, you must contact a physician who ascertains the causes of the death and complete the form certifying his death, and then ask the ASL to issue the certificate to be handed over to the Civil Status Registry Office to request the death certificate for burial authorization.

If, however, the death takes place in a nursing home or in the hospital, the healthcare institution itself shall compile and deliver the necessary documents, which must then always be delivered to the Civil Status Registry Office for burial.

Police procedures in the case of deaths in the Basilicata Region

If death occurs in a public place or in a violent manner, you must alert the court who will then deal with the recovery of the body after having carried out the necessary checks.

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